Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

Cancer is complex. Its treatment often requires a mix of therapies — medical, radiation, and surgical — along with lifestyle changes. Our Medical Oncologist offers this combined approach to cancer treatment all in one location.

Medical Oncology Treatment Options

Based on your type and stage of cancer, your medical oncologist may suggest one or a few of these options:

  • Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells or keep them from spreading.
  • Immunotherapy, also called biotherapy, uses biologic agents to boost the immune system to
    fight cancer cells.
  • Hormone therapy uses drugs to block improper activity of certain hormones.
  • Targeted therapy uses drugs to interact with cancer cells by targeting the molecules involved in
    cancer growth or spread.

We will tailor your medical oncology treatment program to your disease, general health, and unique goals.

Compassionate Cancer Care Focused on Your Well-being

Our medical oncologists have a commitment to your wellbeing. We offer high quality care in a compassionate manner that considers you — not your cancer — as our first priority. In addition, with our convenient locations and transportation logistics, Alliance International medical Cancer Center's international experts, you can find the same first world advance care close to home here in Jamaica.

AIM Cancer Center is the only comprehensive “one stop” cancer center in the region in the region, because of our resources; we are able to offer innovative treatment options that may not be available elsewhere. Your care team may suggest taking part in clinical trial, which can give you access to these latest cancer treatments.

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