Types of radiosurgery treatments we offer at AIM Cancer Center

We offer the following radiosurgery treatments:

The Elekta Versa HD treatment machine

This precision system treats tumors of the lung, brain, and spine, pancreas and liver

Elekta Versa HD

Utilizes a delivery option unique to Elekta—Optimized Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy (DCAT)—and anatomically guided, device-free 4D tumor position visualization to enable high-precision, high-speed lung SBRT..

Elekta Versa HD SBRT Treatments in less than 2 minutes

This machine takes pictures of the cancer site and performs radiosurgery, which reduces treatment times.

Our team also offers you early access to some of the newest cancer clinical trials.

What to Expect During Cancer Radiation Treatment

Radiation Treatment at AIM Cancer Center

Your radiation doctor (Radiation Oncologist) will design your treatment plan that will:

  • Ensure treatment only affects your cancer while protecting the rest of your body.
  • Outline how much radiation you will receive.
  • Include your total number of treatment days.

Your first radiation cancer treatment consult

A nurse will meet you when you arrive at AIM cancer center. You will then meet your radiation oncologist who will:

  • Ask you about your type of cancer.
  • Do a physical exam and tests.
  • Explain your treatment plan and the type of radiotherapy they feel will work best for you. Do
    not be afraid to ask questions during your first visit. It is helpful to bring a friend or loved one to
    the appointment to take notes.

Your second visit – simulation and treatment planning

Your second visit will simulate your planned treatment. You will not receive radiation treatment during this visit.

To plan your treatment, your doctor:

  • Uses a powerful CT scanner to take pictures of your body to locate your tumor. This shows us
    where to target the radiation treatment.
  • May mark your skin with a temporary or permanent tattoo at the tumor site. This helps us aim the radiation treatment to the correct place.
  • May use a special table to keep you in the same position during each radiation treatment. For
    head and neck cancer treatment, they’ll take a mold of your face to make a special mesh mask.
    They will secure the mask to the table to hold your head in place. They may also use tape, foam
    sponges, headrests, molds, or plaster casts.

Third visit – your first radiation cancer treatment

Your radiation therapist will:

  • Greet you in the waiting area.
  • Tell you what to expect during your first treatment and answer your questions.
  • Get you into the right position for your treatment.
  • Take a final set of images as a quality check before giving you your dose of radiation.

Ongoing radiation cancer treatment

How many radiation treatments you need will depend on your diagnosis.
Your ongoing treatments may take as little as 15 minutes over several weeks.
On treatment days, many people can go back to work and resume their normal routine.

Cancer Care Close to Home

Our treatment planning focuses on your health, safety, and comfort.
When you need radiation five days a week for a few weeks, having treatment close to home can make a
difference. We provide radiation cancer treatment throughout in Drax Hall St. Ann with convenient
transportation logistic support available via Knutsford transportation service directly to our cancer

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