At Alliance International Medical, Convenience, efficiency and safety are at the core of our service. Our Enhanced data driven enterprise with Artificial intelligence helps us to achieve these goals.

MOSAIQ® SmartClinic

Manage efficient medical oncology workflows from any location using any mobile device

  • View comprehensive treatment summaries at a glance
  • Check on patient progress wherever you are
  • Access patient information across departments to ensure coordinated care
  • Make the most of your time by completing tasks remotely


Easy, fast, precise medical oncology notes. MOSAIQ Voice helps save time and enhance precision with sophisticated, voice-enabled documentation and automation for MOSAIQ and MOSAIQ SmartClinic.

MOSAIQ® Teleport

Import your medical oncology documentation to MOSAIQ with ease. We can transfer your medical record from or to anywhere in the world for second opinion with our international partners.

MOSAIQ Teleport allows you to capture relevant documentation quickly, without printing and scanning, to give you complete information at your fingertips.

MOSAIQ® Assist

Streamline and automate the patient documentation process

Merge treatment information, complete notes, import data, configure favorites, reconcile medications, and more, to gain efficiencies across your team.

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