Breast Center

Breast Center

Breast Cancer Care at Alliance International Medical (AIM) Cancer Center

Several forms of cancer affect the breast. Breast cancer can be invasive or noninvasive. In addition, it can affect one or more parts of the breast or nearby structures. Like all cancers, breast cancer can spread to other parts of the body. Because both men and women are born with breast tissue, this disease can affect anyone.

Why Choose AIM for Breast Cancer Treatment?

The breast cancer experts at AIM Cancer Center provide state-of-the-art care for every form of breast cancer at every stage of disease.

Our surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists work with your primary care doctor to plan the best
course of therapy for you.

Our breast center has a digital mammogram unit onsite and a dedicated surgical center for “one stop”
screening and biopsies.

We’re also sensitive to your wishes and needs. Our approach to breast cancer care honors your
preferences by blending advanced clinical methods with support services for the best possible results.

Each person is unique. That is why we tailor treatment to meet your specific needs. In addition, we offer
options to take part in breast cancer clinical trials. Clinical trials are a vital part of comprehensive cancer
care, giving you access to the latest advances in:

  • Breast cancer diagnosis
  • Breast cancer treatment
  • Cancer prevention
  • Early detection

We reassess your health status on a regular basis to integrate clinical trials into your treatment plan
when possible.

Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms

There are two types of mammograms: screening and diagnostic.

A screening mammogram is performed if you have no symptoms of breast disease.

A diagnostic mammogram is performed if you have:

  • Signs or symptoms of breast problems, including:
            o Lumps
            o Pain
            o A change in skin color or texture
            o A change in size or shape of the breast
            o Nipple discharge or inversion
  • A personal history of breast cancer
  • A personal history of benign breast disease diagnosed by a biopsy, or a previous suspicious
    breast mass or lump
  • Large, augmented, or implanted breasts that are difficult to examine

Once the exam is complete, your board-certified radiologist will interpret the images with you.

Generally, mammograms are extensive enough for doctors to determine a diagnosis, however some
people may require further testing, such as breast biopsies or ultrasound scans.

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