Radiology (X-Ray, ultrasound, mammogram and fluoroscopy)

Radiology (X-Ray, ultrasound, mammogram and fluoroscopy)

Much in the way that a radiologist can use an x-ray to diagnose a broken arm, a radiation oncologist can use all sorts of imaging devices to diagnose cancer.

The radiation oncology program at Alliance International Medical includes a variety of diagnostic and treatment planning methods.

  • CT (computed tomography) produces a 3D, 360° view of the body.

By combining the images from the two scanning methods, radiation oncologists can create a complete picture of the tumor’s location, size, and shape. Your doctor can then use the results of your scan to plan your cancer treatment.

  • 4D CT uses advanced technology that is faster and more accurate than traditional CT imaging

4D CT captures images that pinpoint the location of the tumor. It also records the tumor's movement and the movement of your body’s organs over time.

This allows the oncologist to design more accurate treatments for moving tumors by better targeting the radiation within a certain interval in the breathing cycle.

State-of-the-art Digital Mammography

Board-certified radiologists at Alliance International Medical use the latest, state-of-the-art digital technology for mammograms.

Digital mammography:

  • Produces high-quality images of the breast
  • Can show cancer that may be too small for you or your doctor to feel
  • Allows for a more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Provides easier access for your referring physician to obtain your imaging results

Digital mammography is similar to a traditional mammogram except it collects x-ray images on a digital detector and stores them on a computer, rather than using film

General and fluoroscopic X-ray

Our digital onsite imaging x-ray system captures and stores images quickly while making them readily available for expert specialist review from our local and international experts. Ask us about our second opinion consultation.

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